MLB Power Pros Coming to iPhone

Matthew Torino May 9, 2010 0

Konami has announced that they have secured the rights to use MLB names and teams, allowing them to release MLB Power Pros, formerly only of Nintendo Wii and DS in the US, as an iPhone App.


MLB Power Pros was formerly a popular baseball simulation in Japan before it was ported over here to capitalize on the shrinking baseball video game market as the only quality game, MLB: The Show, was only available on Sony platforms. 

It has since been brought over to fill the void on Nintendo's platforms, even though the simulation part has been toned down. The elements are still in the Nintendo games, but cartoony graphics and wacky stories involving ghosts of fictional players are also a main cog in the game.

The game essentially just consists of season mode and games, but it is still much more in depth in terms of simulation than most iPhone games. I'll hopefully have more news on this game in the future, but it's always a good thing to have more third party baseball games than just the currently putrid MLB 2K series.

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