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Patrick Nosker May 8, 2010 0

Hey Guys,

As you can see, pnosker.com is getting bigger and bigger!  I've got a ton to write about so here's a little sampling:

Bluetrek Duo A2DP Bluetooth headset

another iPhone repair service

JH Audio's JH-5M motorcycle line of custom In-ear monitors

JH Audio's JH-16 Pro custom IEM's

Wacom's Bamboo tablet

Jawbone's ICON Bluetooth headset

And a little bit more… details will follow!


We are still looking for more writers so if you think you would be a good writer, write a short ~1-2 page story on why you are qualified to write for pnosker.com.  List a few different parts of the site you would be interested in covering.  We don't have money to pay you but it should still be fun and you might be able to try out some stuff before official release.


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