Man Wins $1 Million for Playing Video Game

Matthew Torino May 8, 2010 0

An Alabama man was recently announced as the winner of 2K Sports’ inaugural Perfect Game Contest for MLB 2K10. He was the first one to pitch a perfect game under the contest rules and was rewarded with a $1 million check



Wade McGilberry of Alabama pitched a perfect game in MLB 2K10 on the first day the contest started to be the first to accomplish the feat and therefore allowing him to be the winner in the first year of the contest. 


The contest had essentially been over since the first day, but 2K decided to wait until now to announce it to continue advertising it in their ads. It was a curious move as most people who were already in the know had forgotten all about it, but 2K used the time to their advantage.

People have lauded the contest as groundbreaking for video game marketing, saying it blew open everything. But the fact is that things like this have been tried before, though not usually in sports games. Generally the only games that try it are desperate for attention due to lack of game quality, which is quite obviously the case with the subpar MLB 2k10.

They should probably focus more on game quality next year as opposed to coming up with creative marketing schemes. Just sayin’.


Gamer wins $1 Million Perfect Game Prize In Less Than 90 Minutes [CNBC] 


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