Etymotic Glider Eartips Review

Patrick Nosker May 6, 2010 0

Etymotic is know as one of the first companies to create great music inside the ear.  After inventing in-ear buds in 1984 with balanced armature drivers, they have since progressed into building some very good and reasonably priced earbuds.  Their latest achievement isn't found within the bud however, but outside of it.  The new Glider eartips are the product of years of engineering for sound quality, comfort, and ease of use.  


Etymotic's Glider tips are a compromise between rubber flanges and foam tips.  Does that mean they're bad?  No way.  Instead of taking much longer to roll foam tips down to size, pulling your earlobe, letting them expand, and then finally enjoying the music, the glider tips just fit in holding onto the edge of your ear canal.  They're as easy to put in as rubber flanges but much more comfortable.  Gone are the days of ear fatigue because of the constant pressure.  Of course, the isolation isn't as great, but the trade off is perfect for those who don't like the idea of keeping something inside their ear canal, possibly pushing earwax back.

I would say these are my favorite tips, and the best part is they fit on several other makes of IEM's including Futuresonics and Ultimate Ears.  Go get some and try yourself!  They are truly amazing.

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