Madden 11: Simpler, Quicker, Deeper

Matthew Torino April 23, 2010 0

EA announced simpler, quicker, deeper as the mantra of Madden 11 back in March and finally released some information on this today through a press release.

Through EA’s press release:

Madden NFL 11 will redefine videogame football for both veteran and rookie players by providing a Simpler, Quicker and Deeper experience: 

* Simpler: Call plays like an NFL coach with ease using an all-new play-calling system, GameFlow, which executes an authentic, situational game plan for you. 
* Quicker: The new play-calling system will enable players to spend more time on the field and less in the playbook – completing games in half of the time. 
* Deeper: Madden NFL 11 is feature-rich, with improved animations and control options, enhanced online functionality, and new broadcast and audio presentation that delivers the NFL experience fans have come to expect.

While the playcalling was slightly different last year from NCAA’s, EA has apparently decided to completely revamp the system to try to cut the game time in half. As I previously guessed, the deeper part seems to just be adding a bunch of small things like MVP baseball and NHL did instead of a bunch of big groundbreaking features as the MLB 2K series has tried with disasterous results. But time will tell whether these features have the actual effect intended.

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