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Patrick Nosker April 16, 2010 0

I'm Patrick Nosker. I am graduate of Rutgers University and a Ph.D Candidate in the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/Rutgers Molecular Biosciences program. I decided to start this site as a repository of a few articles I wrote for TheApplesauce (Now defunct), an Apple Review website. I enjoyed writing so continued to test out everything I could get a hold of regarding my iPhone.  Within the next year or so, I made a lot of friends in the area and decided to join them to write about all aspects of technology.  In my studies at Rutgers, I met even more academics like myself.  Several of them have either graduated and moved onto graduate school and some are now in industry.  I asked them if they would like to contribute to and help it grow into a top technology news and reviews website.  Thanks to their help, and the assistance of several generous companies willing to give a start-up site the ability to review their products, has grown one-hundredfold since its first year.  We hope to reach the world with our writing.

Since my junior year in High School, I have been doing research with various groups.  My interests stem from my parents' fields of Materials Science and my own interest in biology.  Through my research experiences, I have traveled across the US and had the opportunity to be published in journals and be listed on patents.  My work has been integrated into the National Center for Biotechnology Information genomics and proteomics databases and I have since decided to pursue my greatest interest: Cancer research.  After seeing so many people close to me afflicted with such tragedy, I decided to go to graduate school and continue my studies.

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