Vers 2X Review

Patrick Nosker November 27, 2008 0

I own several high-end audio systems… (though some may argue with me) a Bose Lifestyle, a 701/161/VCS-10 setup, and a Polk Audio R-series system as well as some good Logitech 5.1 THX speakers as well as a few others I've forgotten.  I appreciate good sound and I think I'm pretty capable at identifying it.  So, I got a Vers 2X unit for review and let it play for a few hours to get the speakers loostened up so they sound the best.  My dad told me that his Cambridge SoundWorks Kloss Model 88 sounded better, so I put them side by side and listened.  The CSW radio sounded great, but the Vers 2X was better.  If you're familiar with table radios, you've probably heard of the Bose Wave radio.  That's a pretty good table radio.  The Kloss 88 is widely agreed to be even better than that, and the Vers sounds even better than the Kloss.



Made with 9mm thick MDF and wood, plastic and particleboard systems can't compare.  The bass is tight, even though it's ported, and the frequency response is almost perfect, especially with a system with two same sized drivers.  Stereo separation is good for something so small, and it looks fantastic.  It comes with a remote for controlling the iPod/iPhone as well as plastic bezels to let different sized ones fit.

If someone asked me which I suggested, I would hands down recommend the Vers.  It is elegant, sounds wonderful, and is fairly cheap for its quality.



Vers 2X iPod/iPhone Speaker System – 10/10

[Vers 2X] – $149.00


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