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Patrick Nosker November 27, 2008 0


After messing around with my Jabra $10 headset and having it run out of batteries for the 4th time (It uses a AAAA battery), I decided I was going to get another bluetooth headset– but not ANY bluetooth headset.  I decided to try to figure out what the best one was.  After hours of looking online for a hint, I decided on the Ailph Jawbone.


This is a phenomenal bluetooth headset.  It is elegant with its textured outside and leather ear band.  But the best thing about it is that the other party on the line with you can hear you in situations where you would have easily been overshadowed by loud music, wind, or other factors.



The headset works with a jawbone sensor which touches near where your jawbone connects to your skull.  It has a little rubbery nodule that sticks out and contacts you there.  Then the magic happens.  Using some Defense technology, an algorithm was designed to use that sensor to eliminate outside noise.  When you're not speaking, the Jawbone is not transmitting.  When you are speaking, it figures out which part of the noise is coming from you, and filters out the rest.

I was sort of skeptical, so I tried it myself.  I called up my dad with VERY loud music playing.  I asked him if he heard anything in the background. "There's a soft noise but I can't tell what it is– it's not very audible" So I switched to an empty FM station to hear static and again, no real complaints about noise.  So I went for a drive in my car with the top all the way back and the windows down.  He didn't even know I was driving!

This thing is really amazing.  It has a little contact charger that snaps onto it, powered by USB so if you're on a trip with only your laptop you're ok.  Pairing was easy, and battery life seems to be great since I haven't had to charge it since I've gotten it.  The only downside is that the ear loop that came stock on it (Medium with leather) broke after a few days of being in my pockets.  I switched that with another Medium and all is good.  Don't keep it in your pocket though.

Overall, I think this is the best Bluetooth ear piece available.  The fit is great and it does what it says.  The old version has a pretty reasonable street price too of below $70 but I haven't tested that one.

Ailph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset – 10/10

[Jawbone] – $129.00


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