Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

Mark Pinkerton March 19, 2014 1
Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is Kingston’s newest mobile storage offering.  It’s designed for those who want extra storage capacity out of their smart phone or tablet with the ease of using their own thumb-drive or memory card.  Unlike the previous version, the Wi-Drive, there is no integrated storage, and instead relies on a SD slot and/or USB plug to add storage.  This drive is pretty small sporting 4.9″ x 2.4″ x 0.7″ dimensions and only weighing 3.2 ounces.  It easily fits in your pocket, and with a memory card fitted inside it sits flush.

Kingston additionally gives a miniSD adapter for the SD slot, which is a nice touch.  It connects to the charger and to your computer via a mini USB cable.  The charger is also able to break down the plug and USB cable and it’s reasonably  comfortable for it to fit in your jeans pockets.  There is a claimed 5 hour battery life, of which I received typically about 4 hours of playback on an iPad while streaming 1080P video.  It can also charge your phone in a pinch, with an 1810 mAh 3.8V battery it definitely has enough to keep you going those extra few hours.

The MobileLite Wireless is available for use on iOS devices, Kindle Fire, and Android 2.2+, which we tested on an iPad, iPhone 5, Moto X, Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy S4.  The Drive can store any file, but audio and video playback are limited to the more commonly used such as:

Audio: aac, mp3, wav
Video: m4v, mp4, mov
Image: bmp, jpeg, jpg, png
Docs: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf, xls, xlsx

Use with this drive requires downloading Kingston’s free app, which is fairly easy to use and allows you to set up your WEP and WPA security settings and what files you want to play.  It does allow for a playlist to be made from the files as well, which makes it easy to listen to music or videos without having to go back to the menus.

Overall, the low entry price and the ability to use your own flash storage makes it an easily justifiable purchase.  Also, those with Macbooks and other computers without flash card ports can also use it as a flash card reader as well.

Kingston Wi-Drive Mobile Lite – $47.99

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  1. Mike March 19, 2014 at 11:42 pm - Reply

    How is it compared with the RAVPower 5-in-1 filehub? It seems the two come with the very similar features. I went through both product on Amazon, the RAVPower is with more decent reviews and the price is more competitive. Just wondering what makes the Kingston value the extra $10?

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