Rokit Boost Rectangle Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Michael Convente March 11, 2014 0
Rokit Boost Rectangle Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Throughout the past year we at have been reviewing a lot of Bluetooth speakers of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.  Our latest speaker is the Rectangle by Rokit Boost.  I first learned about Rokit Boost via their Twitter account when one of their top employees asked me to review the Rectangle.  Based on information listed on their Facebook page and Twitter page, Rokit Boost is a newly founded consumer electronics company that focuses on mobile accessories.  I have been checking out the Rectangle over the last six weeks, and overall I really like this speaker.

With dimensions of 5.71″ X 2.60″ X 1.30″ (width, length, depth) and weighing under 8 ounces, the Rectangle is extremely portable.  However, don’t let the portability fool you into thinking the Rectangle is poorly built.  Quite the opposite, in fact, as the three drivers are encased in tough brushed black metal.  You can tell the build quality is really good.  Unlike some of the other portable speakers I have reviewed, you can get the Rectangle in any color you want – as long as it’s black.  (In case you missed it, that was a joke)  But honestly, the brushed black metal looks really nice and will fit perfectly on any color desk or shelve while in use.

All of the control buttons are located in the center of the top metal panel.  You have a power button that serves as an on/off button but also a pause button, which is engaged by pressing it for about one second.  There is a Bluetooth pairing button that engages after a few seconds of pressing, after which you will be able to pair it to any of your Bluetooth devices, like a smart phone.  Volume down and volume up buttons are immediately below the power and Bluetooth pairing buttons.  Once you reach the maximum or minimum volumes, a quick beep will sound after pressing either of the volume buttons.  Additionally, you can hold either of those to skip back or forward a song, respectively.  Finally, a microphone is also built in to the top panel for use in conference calls.


Now to the sound quality.  For a Bluetooth speaker in this entry level price range, the sound quality is remarkable.  I have no idea how Rokit Boost is able to produce the quality of sound they do at this price range (seriously – I can’t find specs on the drivers anywhere on their website or Amazon!), but nevertheless, the quality is superb.  Of all the entry level range Bluetooth speakers I have checked out over the past two months, the sound balance of the Rectangle is by far the best.  Vocal ranges are extremely clear, as are high frequencies.  Surprisingly, a decent amount of bass is also present, though more of the bass guitar frequencies (like in “Head Over Heels” by Tears For Fears) than rap star bass (like in “Bitch Get Up” by Curren$y).  Overall maximum volume is a bit lower than the Ultimate Ears Mini Boom, but that’s fine because you are getting zero distorted sound from the Rectangle instead.  And that’s much better.

At a price of about $40, the Rectangle by Rokit Boost is a fantastic value for a great product.  If you are looking for a very portable, sturdy, and great sounding product at an affordable price, do yourself a favor and pick up the Rectangle.

Rokit Boost Rectangle Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $36.99

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