CES 2014: Monster Press Conference Live Blog

Michael Convente January 6, 2014 2
CES 2014: Monster Press Conference Live Blog

The pnosker.com crew is back at CES!  I’ll be liveblogging the Monster Press Conference live from the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We start in 40 minutes, so stay tuned for the live reports of what Monster will be launching in 2014!

8:28am update – In line to enter the press conference.


8:40am update – The stage is set!


8:55am update – sitting in the third row getting ready for the presser to start.  Almost starting!

9:04am update – We are live!  Listening to the introductions now.  Highlighting 35 years of Monster Products!  And now we have Head Monster Noel Lee speaking!  They are going to bringing back some of the original Monster products (cables and connectors).


9:15am update – Monster launches customizable color plates for their Go DJ portable DJ device!


9:23am update – Nick Cannon and Noel Lee announce that Monster is getting into television production, via collaboration with Nick’s N-Credible brand.  Will be interesting to see what comes of this partnership.

9:28am update – Monster announces a new partnership with athletics company Adidas.  Initial images suggest a partnership with audio products.  Diplo music rocking with a promo video!  The product is a performance line of headphones, to be launched in Spring 2014.

9:34am update – Monster announces a partnership with the UFC.  Senior VP Tracey Bleczinski is here to announce the first official Monster headphone called the Octagon.  Below are some photos!


9:41am update – Monster announces a partnership with the World Poker Tour.  Poker champion Mike Sexton is here to give the details.  Says that poker is the only sport where professionals wear headphones during actual game play, which helps the players focus and “stay in the zone”.

9:46am update – Shaq is in the building!  And that’s a wrap!  Check out our coverage of Monster throughout CES week.



  1. LA January 6, 2014 at 1:10 pm - Reply

    Thanks for blogging this! You’re the only live blog on the Monster press conference online!

  2. Michael Convente January 6, 2014 at 2:05 pm - Reply

    We do it live! Glad to keep you and all our readers updated with the latest from Monster at CES 2014. Thanks for reading and check back frequently for on-site and after-show coverage of CES 2014.

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