G Form Extreme Edge and Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad Review

Mark Pinkerton June 29, 2013 0
G Form Extreme Edge and Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad Review


G Form, famous for dropping expensive apple products from the upper atmosphere are a relatively new company boasting a high impact resistant case for electronics and protective pads for action sports.  We managed to get our hands one for an iPad and Kindle Fire.  The company uses a composite proprietary blend with PORON® XRD™  and as it has been demonstrated, it works very well.  The material is firm, but gives slightly and soft to the touch.   I managed to test this material vs a 12 lb bowling ball on my own phone at CES and G Form reps repeatedly startled people out by taking their iPads and Kindles and throwing it across a room inside the case without any harm coming to their electronics.  It’s no doubt that this is one of the best materials out there for protecting your valuables, though I wouldn’t go out trying to break your electronics.

The cases only come in a bright canary yellow and black with the foam exposed on the outside, it may not win any fashion awards.  Yet, I imagine the consumer base looking for something like this in the first place is probably less worried about fashion and more about ruggedness and protection.  There is also a version with the impact foam on the inside with a rugged canvas shell for those who want it.   Overall, the foam has not chipped off or rubbed down significantly with daily use and I would recommend it to those of us, like myself, who tend to be a little rough with their portable electronics.

The only draw back I see is that the price for them are expensive, about $70 for an iPad case ($90 if you want a portfolio version).  It’s up to decide for themselves if their products are worth protecting to this level or not, but in this case you very much get what you pay for.

G Form Extreme Edge – $53.97

G Form Extreme Sleeve 2 for iPad – $49.95

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