Musubo Retro iPhone 4/4S Case Review

Michael Foley June 18, 2012 0
Musubo Retro iPhone 4/4S Case Review
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I’m pretty picky when it comes to iPhone cases. The iPhone is a very beautiful piece of technology and I am of the opinion that a case, since it’s going to cover up most of the iPhone, should be more than a protective outer covering. It should balance protection with beauty and stand out. With this in mind, the Retro case Musubo sent us goes a long way to distinguish itself.

Compatible with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, the design of the case lives up to its name. Reminiscent of early car radiator grilles or a 1940’s microphone, it provides a rigid backbone to the case which is very pleasing to the eye. Musubo’s Retro Case comes in black, blue, red, silver, white and yellow.

Perhaps the most unique feature of this case is that it is arguably two cases formed into one. The first layer of the case is a soft, dark gray silicone cover that envelopes the iPhone. On to this base layer, one attaches a hard shell made out of polycarbonate. The contrast between these two gives off quite a nice effect and furthermore, makes certain that the sides of your iPhone won’t get scratched by the more rigid hard case as some hard cases are known to do.

When the case is on the iPhone, the charging port, speakers, audio jack and vibrate switch are all out in the open. The power and volume buttons on the other hand are enveloped by the inner silicone case, but this is no issue as far as functionality is concerned. The only downside I can see about way the case wraps around iPhone is that it probably will not fit on most audio docs. The back of the phone also has some openings. Obviously, the camera is not covered up but Musubo has also chosen a design that many recent cases have been adopting: a circle which exposes the Apple logo.

While Musubo’s Retro case doesn’t add any real weight to the iPhone, it does make your iPhone noticeably bulkier. But any additional size the case gives the iPhone is compensated for by its interesting design. Simply put, the case looks good. But some may find that they like the sleek and sexy look of the iPhone. If you happen to be one of these people, then Musubo’s Retro case is not for you. I’d suggest something more akin to a Gelaskin Hard Case.

The case feels smooth and natural in my hand. I also think having a cushioned interior case beneath the hard shell is an excellent way to protect the iPhone, making this case pretty high on my list of protective cases.

Lastly, the Retro Case comes along with a foldable iPhone stand. The stand is made out of a black plastic and allows you to keep your iPhone in one of three viewing angles, horizontally as well as vertically.

All in all the Retro case is an eye-catching, protective case that feels natural to hold. Its unique design coupled with its low weight redeems the fact that it adds a bit of bulk to your device.

Final Verdict:

PROS: This is a pretty attractive case. The protection from the “two” case system instills a great deal of confidence that your device is in good hands.

CONS: Adds a noticeable amount of bulk to your iPhone. Can’t mount on most audio docks with the case on.

MSRP: $34.99

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