100,000 Apps for Windows Phones – Does it Matter?

Aaron Holtzman June 6, 2012 0
100,000 Apps for Windows Phones – Does it Matter?

Microsoft announced that is has surpassed 100,000 apps for the Windows mobile phone platform this month.  However, this has not been boosting sales as much compared to Android and Apple products.

Microsoft’s share of smartphone sales has declined slightly over the past 12 months, but this does not mean a strong push from the company couldn’t help…especially with a fledgling RIM competitor.

As the market shown, apps are important for a smartphone but it is not the soul determinant for a purchase.  In 2008, when apps were really picking up, the growth was important for competitors because they were a new concept and there was nothing like it before.

At this point, the app market is so saturated, there is no need to boast of massive numbers of apps.  Hopefully Microsoft will pick something legitimate to brag about the next time it make a public announcement.

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