A Better “Amercia”: Social Media Fail For Mitt Romney

Michael Convente May 30, 2012 1
A Better “Amercia”: Social Media Fail For Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s campaign just released an official iPhone app, but they are probably wishing they had done one last check before letting it go live.  The “I’m with Mitt” app allows users to tag photos of themselves with one of 14 different pro-America slogans.  I can almost taste the Freedom Fries already.  However, one glaring typo passed through the cracks unedited.

  That guy wants to have “A Better Amercia“.  Oops.  Double oops.  Of all the words to misspell in your iPhone app, America is probably the last one.

As expected, the gaffe has already gone viral.  Mashable picked up on the story just after midnight EST, and there already is a Tumblr account making fun of the Romney campaign.  Not gonna lie, it’s pretty spectacular.  My favorite one posted as of now is this gem, which includes an image of an Etch-a-Sketch, alluding to when a Romney campaign spokesperson claimed that all of the crazy things Mitt said could be erased like the well known child toy.

Mitt has had his share of gaffes this election season, but this one is moving even faster than the other ones across numerous social media networks.  “Amercia” was a trending topic on Twitter just after midnight EST, and we’ll see if it stays up there throughout the night and later into the day.

This just goes to show you that when using social media, you have to be on your game all the time.


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