Diablo 3 Review Update (patch 1.02 goes live)

Mark Pinkerton May 29, 2012 0
Diablo 3 Review Update (patch 1.02 goes live)

So last night Diablo 3 servers went down for maintenance, as it has been every Tuesday, leaving late night gamers and those on time differences without the ability to play their game.  It was working again for maybe an hour or two then just went haywire at the after work hours on the east coast.  The ironic thing is it was because they “patched” the game.  Leaving me without the game on my entire day off with, which lets face it is pretty annoying when you can’t play a $60 dollar game that forces you to play on laggy servers.  So, in all out of my day off i was able to play the game for about 30 minutes, which I feel is terrible service and it is now completely obvious that Blizzard had not tested the game well enough.  All I feel there are a ton of problems that I have face in my games and I haven’t even beaten Hell difficulty yet.  So, all the fun and cool things about Diablo 3 are completely negated by the fact that it is horribly glitchy and the item/leveling system is flawed.  I have seen numerous complaints of things like the staff of herding randomly disappearing, melee fighters having no chance on inferno past act 2, and farming hell gives nothing of worth to anyone in inferno.

To look at the patch notes see Blizzard’s page

So far I have had terrible problems with the auction house, and there have been numerous reports of it as well.   I have to say I did not loose any gold or any items but I’ve had to wait days to get the item I needed, because farming for items is essentially worthless.  In fact 99% of the items I find are useless to me, and anyone else.  The level requirement for an item is too high for someone who is at a lower level and when they get to that level the item isn’t that good by the time they get there.  This make the auction house 100% essential just to beat the higher levels, and thank those people who farm for us.  Which would be ok if I didn’t have to wait a few days just to get an item.   Now with the patch hopefully this will all go away.  If it ever comes back online.  Error 33.


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