Rumor Mill: iPhone 5

Michael Foley May 22, 2012 1
Rumor Mill: iPhone 5

The iPhone rumor mill never stops churning and so we bring you the latest in iPhone 5 rumors.

The newest iteration of Apple’s iPhone, the iPhone 5, is expected to hit shelves sometime this fall and according to the latest gossip will look quite different from its ancestors.

According to a recent report from 9 to 5 Mac, Apple is testing out two potential models at their secretive headquarters in Cupertino.  Both reportedly boast a 3.95 inch screen with retina display and are supposedly taller but maintain the same width as the current iPhone 4S. But a new post on MacRumors shows a picture of what appears to be the from panel of the next iPod touch. Assuming that the dimensions are consistent between the new iPhone and the new iPod touch, we would expect then that the new iPhone would boast a 4.1 inch screen.

As Android smartphones keep coming out in slimmer and larger (where screens are concerned) models, many have speculated that Apple will also follow this trend when designing the newest iPhone. This would certainly placate many iPhone users, such as myself, who yearn for a larger screen to watch video and browse the web.

The 9 to 5 Mac report also went a long way to revive an old rumor, first circulated by iMore, that the iPhone dock connector is on its way out. The new dock will be a smaller, narrower version of the current one; somewhere between the size of a micro-USB and a mini-USB connector.

If these rumors are true, many companies will need to redesign their products to the iPhone 5. iPhone case designers especially have seen this type of thing before as Apple tweaks its iPhone’s width, shape, and placement of external buttons. But if Apple decides to change both the size of the iPhone as well as its dock connector, then it will have to be back to the drawing board for these companies. One can only dream that Apple would yield to the industry standard micro-USB port, but that is quite unlikely for a company that prides itself on standing out.

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