Rumor Mill: iPhone 5 Coming in June?

Michael Convente April 3, 2012 0
Rumor Mill: iPhone 5 Coming in June?

Another day, another Apple rumor.   Today’s version involves a rumor picked up by the folks over at Computer World, who are reporting a possible leak of a iPhone 5 launch date in June 2012.  The rather surprising claim comes from an interview conducted by Tokyo TV of an employee recruiter at the infamous Foxconn manufacturing campus.  The recruiter went on Tokyo TV to pitch a new round of hiring for Foxconn, stating the company needs to hire 18,000 new employees specifically for the manufacturing of the iPhone 5.  This same recruiter is then quoted as saying, “because it will go on sale in June”.

As commented in the Computer World article, it’s quite unlikely that the equivalent of an Human Resources manager would have the inside scoop on the latest version of the iPhone, considering Apple is really good at keeping its new product developments under tight wraps.  Not to mention that Apple just released the iPhone 4S in October.  Nevertheless, sometimes these things do slip through the cracks, and as Col. Hans Landa acutely states in the film Inglourious Basterds, “Rumors, while true or false, are often revealing”.  Plus, when news organizations like the Wall Street Journal are on the money with their predictions correct (as has been with case with the WSJ and a slew of Apple rumors), that information has to have been leaked from somewhere.  While unlikely, it is certainly plausible that the very people making the latest Apple devices have leaked information before.

In any event, whether Apple’s new iPhone is indeed coming to market in June, or instead during the traditional fall launch time, what new/improved features would you like to see in the next iPhone?  Number one for me is definitely a better battery life.  Let us know in the comments!

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