iPad 3 To Be Unveiled By Apple on March 7

Michael Convente February 28, 2012 0
iPad 3 To Be Unveiled By Apple on March 7

According to a breaking news report from Mashable (c/o CNBC), Apple will be unveiling the iPad 3 next week in New York City.  The timing of Apple’s announcement would match previous announcements of both the original iPad and its newer cousin, the iPad 2.  As of now, the details about the device itself are pretty sparse.  According to the report, the iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor and 4G LTE capabilities.  No confirmed photos of a completed unit have been released yet, so readers will have to use their imagination as to the design for now.

As we hear more details about the new iPad 3, we will bring them to you immediately.  Stay tuned to pnosker.com for all the latest on this breaking news report about Apple’s iPad 3!

**Update – The official reveal date for the iPad 3 will be March 7th, according to sources.  Apple has sent out invites for press to its unveiling event, which will take place in San Francisco, not New York City as originally reported.

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