Gelaskins’s Hardcase for iPhone 4/4S Review

Michael Foley January 20, 2012 2
Gelaskins’s Hardcase for iPhone 4/4S Review
  • Esthetics
  • Protection

There were many iPhone case makers strutting their stuff at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronic Show 2012). But while most companies were there simply to sell as many cases and make as many deals as possible with prospective buyers, a few select companies came with an additional agenda: to impress the heck out of us, the press. One such company was Gelaskins and it is their Hardcase for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S which falls under my scrutiny today.

This company has actually been around for a while now. And like their name would suggest, they are know for making very colorful, gel skins for iPhones.  Marked by success, the company is now expanding its products to include a hard case for their customers.

The Hardcase is a polycarbonate shell which clips on to your iPhone 4/4S. Something I really appreciated about this case was the fact that there it offered a little bit of extra protection on the top and bottom of my iPhone; the shell’s lip extends just shy of the speakers and headphone jack without hindering any functionality. The Hardcase is a pretty thin case but it is made out of good materials and I had no doubt in my mind that it would protect my iPhone. The lack of “bulk” was also nice as most cases that provide a lot of protection can double the size of the phone. One of the cons of good protection on a clip on case is the fact that it can be difficult to take off,. Indeed, I had a bit of a tough time trying to snap off the case, being nervous about scratching my iPhone. That’s a price I’m willing to pay for decent shock protection.

But what really distinguishes this iPhone case is how beautiful it is. Gelaskins has made their entire library of art available on their skins also available on their Hardcases. The glossy finish of the back and the extension of the art to the sides of the phone really make this a remarkable piece of art. But that’s not all because Gelaskins provides you with a downloadable image designed to complement your case which you can set as your lock and home screens for free right on their website. And while Gelaskins works with 100s of artists famous and up-and-coming (MC escher and Norman Rockwell to name drop) and organizations like National Geographic for their photos,  they’ve also been understanding enough to see that many customers like to choose their iPhone cases as a means to express themselves. With this insight in mind they’ve made it completely possible for you to customize your case with your own pictures on their website!

All in all Gelaskins has a very bright future if they keep up the quality of their cases and diversity of their artwork. You can view all their artwork (which are gorgeous to say the least) here. Oh and they make cases and skins for 100s of devices so chances are android users can also find some cool covers. 🙂

Final Verdict:

PROS: Esthetics – this case is Beautiful, with a capital B. The glossy finish and the way the art wraps around make it an excellent choice for those seeking to express themselves throught their iPhone case. The fact that you can add your own pictures and design a case yourself goes even further to customize it for you. The protection is decent and doesnt make the iPhone super sized.

CONS: Let’s get one thing straight here though, the Hardcase is no Otter Box. It will provide decent protection but for those of you who prefer a lot of protection this may not be the best case for you as it does not protect most of the top front screen.

MSRP: $34.95


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