Sony prepares to launch fastest flash cards in the industry

Matt Evangelist January 6, 2012 0
Sony prepares to launch fastest flash cards in the industry

Earlier today, Sony announced it will start selling memory cards capable of write speeds of 125 Mbps in February. This will make the new cards the fastest available cards in the industry, and will be the first cards launched under the new XQD card format.

The XQD format was announced back in December from the CompactFlash Association. This new format utilizes PCI Express as its data transfer interface rather than SATA or PATA and can achieve extremely high read speeds and storage capacities.

These new cards address the issue of bottlenecking in high-end cameras caused by low write speeds. The amount of data processed by raw images and high-definition videos is often too much for current memory units to handle quickly, resulting in lagging video and pauses between taking a picture and the actual image obtained.

Sony has announced that the new cards will launch with 16 GB (the QD-H16) and 32 GB (QD-H32) versions along with readers compatible with USB 3.0 (MRW-E80) and PCI slots (QDA-EX1) for computers. The costs of these cards are quite high at $129.99 for the H16 and $229.99 for the H32. The readers themselves are far cheaper, at only $44.99 for the E80 and $44.99 for the EX1.

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