id America’s Skyline Rigid-Flex Case for iPhone 4 and 4S Review

Michael Foley December 31, 2011 0
id America’s Skyline Rigid-Flex Case for iPhone 4 and 4S Review
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One of the hottest Christmas presents this year was the iPhone 4S. And seeing that it is a pricey bit of technology, you are naturally going to want to protect your “precious.” So you say to yourself, “I will buy a case.” But with so many options to choose from this is a daunting task and is why (I assume) you landed on this article. Below you will find my review of id America’s Skyline Rigid-Flex case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

One of the things I admire about id America is the way they package and market their products. A catch phrase of “Born in New York” coupled with a sleek design definitely make their cases quite enticing. They definitely cater to their customers and take a note from Apple when packaging the case as well. Once opened, the package reveals its precious cargo consisting of the case, a front and back screen protector, a micro fiber cloth and squeegee. The screen protectors are decent but not worth much discussion so let’s talk about the case itself.

The Skyline Rigid-Flex case is a form fitting case that comes in white, black or pink. What I mean by “form fitting” is that it will wrap around you iPhone so that no part of the actual phone will ever be in contact with, say, your desk at work as you lie it down, no matter face or back first. It is made of specifically stiffened thermoplastic polyurethanes. This translates to a case that is sturdy but still maintains a nice level of flexibility. You won’t be able to ball it up but it isn’t too rigid either.

As the case warps around and envelopes the iPhone it leaves a cut out for the charging dock and speakers at the bottom, volume and vibrate buttons on its right side and on the headphone jack at the top right. The headphone jack is spacious enough to allow most headphones to plug in just fine. There is also a cut out at the back where the camera is; don’t worry, no flashback issues. One of my biggest pet peeves with cases are when they start to peel off the protective screens on the phone. Glad to say that I did not experience this particular problem with this case.

The Skyline Rigid-Flex case does a good job of protecting an iPhone from the most common types of damage that it might incur, such as scratches or bumps. But the main reason to buy this case (or any id America case I’ve come across for that matter) would be for its stylish and unique look. The back has a perforated design which allows on-lookers to just make out the Apple symbol (which some of you might find important) and the sleek design makes it a conversation piece. Indeed, I had many people ask me what type of case it was.

So if you’re looking for a stylish case that feels good to the touch, protects your iPhone from scratches and is easy to put on and take off, look no further than id America’s Skyline Rigid-Flex case. If you’re looking for a bit more daring iPhone case you could also consider id America’s Gasket Case.

Final Verdict:

Pros: This case looks and feels good.

Cons: For frequent iPhone droppers this case might not be “heavy duty” enough as it is on the softer side. I also found that the lip at the bottom got a bit stretched out and would lift off the iPhone’s front (this didn’t cause any problems in protection; it was more an esthetic annoyance for my OCD mind).

MSRP: $24.95


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