Facebook Mashup: No going back on Timeline, iPhone gets Timeline, android overtakes iPhone Facebook App

Mo Choudhury December 20, 2011 3
Facebook Mashup: No going back on Timeline, iPhone gets Timeline, android overtakes iPhone Facebook App

No Going Back on Facebook Timeline

Facebook introduced the Timeline feature to the world earlier this week. Timeline  replaces a user’s profile and wall with a reverse-chronological timeline of all activity on Facebook. Facebook users can now easily scroll back to previous years and see what they were posting.

People who choose to upgrade to the new feature will have seven days to review their profile before publishing. If they choose to publish, then they can do so at any point during the seven-day review period. It will automatically publish after seven-days of  Timeline activation. However, beware that once you activate the Timeline feature you will not have an option to revert back to the old profile style.

There has been some confusion about this but Facebook has made it clear to us that there will be no reversal to the old profile style. “The opt-in period for Timeline will last for a few weeks so people don’t need to activate it right away…. Whenever they do activate Timeline, from that point is when they’ll be able to review their content for seven days before anyone else will see it. “

The opt-in period will be available for a few weeks before everyone will automatically be switched over to the Timeline format.

Facebook iPhone App Gets Timeline

Facebook has released an update for the iOS Facebook app with support for the Timeline feature for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

The iPhone application with Timeline  has a condensed page that lets you select a previous year, last month, or current month format. Selecting any of those dates opens up a list of activities, including status updates, published photos and videos, and friendships.

The App also lets users see their own Timelines, as well as their friends’, at least the ones who have opted in to the feature and published their Timelines.

Android Facebook App  Overtakes iPhone Number for the First Time

The Facebook App for Android came out later than Facebook App for iOS but Facebook for Android has more daily active users than its iPhone counterpart for the first time.

AppData tracking service is reporting that the Android app now has 58.8 million daily active users, while the iPhone version has 57.6 million. Of course, this is not a surprise considering the rise in popularity of Android devices in the market.

On a monthly active user basis, Facebook for iPhone is still ahead, with 99.5 million vs. Facebook for Android’s 86.1 million. However, the daily figure is regarded as a more important measure of use.



  1. steve December 30, 2011 at 11:53 pm - Reply

    at present there is a solution for switching back to viewing the old style profiles and disabling Timeline, thought its most likely only temporary, but it definitely works for now, check it out here: http://fbpurity.com/disable-facebook-timeline.htm

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