Paypal launches Facebook app

Matt Evangelist November 17, 2011 0
Paypal launches Facebook app

Owe your friends some money? Feel like giving your college kids a hand in paying off expenses? Now you can do all that and more with the new Send Money app for Facebook.

No, seriously. It’s called Send Money. I couldn’t make that up.

Paypal released a very straightforward app that allows its users to, you guessed it, send money to their friends. It is an entirely free app to use, so long as you keep it within Paypal’s limits and don’t try to send money to a friend in another country. Basically, it’s the digital equivalent of just handing someone some cash, no questions asked.

There are plenty of social aspects to this beyond just handing over some cash to friends and family. Facebook users can also use the Send Money app for gifting purposes by adding a digital card to go along with the money. Got a pool going for the next game? Use the Send Money app to give/receive the winning amount. What about charitable donations? Entry fees? Collections? If it involves paying an individual, it will work.

Send Money is usable by any Facebook users with an active Paypal account. Follow this link here to add the Send Money app to your Facebook account.


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