AT&T reports no change in subscribers despite rival carriers with iPhones

Ken Hong November 17, 2011 0
AT&T reports no change in subscribers despite rival carriers with iPhones

One might think that with AT&T losing exclusivity on Apple’s iPhone would greatly reduce its business and lose much of its existing customers. I mean, let’s face it everybody knows AT&T has had problems with drop calls. But surprisingly, there hasn’t been any decrease or change for that matter of subscribers on AT&T.

Even with major carriers Sprint and Verizon on the market with their own iPhone 4s, this has not slowed down AT&T in any way. In fact, they are having trouble keeping up with the demands for iPhone 4s despite customers having to wait one to two weeks. Perhaps, one reason why customers are sticking to AT&T is because of its advantage on network speed. There’s been complaints about the speed on Sprint’s 3g network. AT&T is the only carriers besides T-Mobile that offers HSPA+, but T-Mobile is also the only major US carrier that doesn’t have its hands on the iPhone. HSPA+ is an evolved HSPA that provides data rates up to 88 megabits per sec for downloads and 22 megabits per sec for uploads, along with multiple input, output, and higher order modulation.

With iPhone spread across the 3 major carriers, all of which have reported positive growth in iPhone sales. AT&T had its own record breaking sales of iPhone 4 and 4s, while Sprint also reported beating their previous sales by a wide margin as well as Verizon, who reported strong sales on those two versions in their latest quarterly report.

With carriers all stating growth, it seems like there’s plenty of love to go around. Businesses are enjoying the customers’ demands for iPhones and those who finally get their hands on one are just as happy, I don’t think anybody would have seen this play out so smoothly.

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