Time to rule the air, Verizon doubles data

Ken Hong November 7, 2011 0
Time to rule the air, Verizon doubles data

Verizon fully detailed the double data 4G LTE plan for new and existing members on Monday (11/7).) The promotion comes with the release date of the new Motorola DROID RAZR to be out across all Verizon stores November 11, 2011. The phone will go on sale when the stores open at 11:11am local time. The promotion itself, however, starts today, November 8th, 2011. This new plan offers anybody with a Verizon 4G smartphone plan to get doubled the data for the same monthly fee. For instance, someone who pays $30/month with a 2GB data plan would simply have 4GB of data still at $30/month. There’s no word on how long this promotion will last but if you’re interested, it is better to sign up for this plan sooner than later and reap the benefits while the offer lasts!

The purpose of this promotion is for customers who wants to experience the power and performance of the 4G LTE network accompanied by the latest 4G technology. This offer is available to all customer types, including businesses and Verizon employees. Those existing 4G LTE smartphone customers will still need to make the changes themselves in order to get the promotion. The promotion also includes a smaller deal for customers who are light data users with 300MB of usage for $20/month.

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