HP prepares to unleash its first all-in-one 3D PC

Matt Evangelist November 7, 2011 0
HP prepares to unleash its first all-in-one 3D PC

HP is no stranger to the 3D world, but their all-in-one PCs were left out in the cold for much of the current 3D craze. Sure there were other options out there, such as Sony’s pricey Vaio L-Series 3D Edition and Lenova’s impressively inexpensive IdeaCenter B520, but what if you wanted something more similar to HP’s TouchSmart line? You won’t have to wait much longer, as HP will be releasing its TouchSmart 620 3D Edition on November 15.

The TouchSmart 620 3D Edition, which I’ll refer to as the 620 from here on out, features a 23 inch, full-HD (1920 x 1080), tiltable (up to a nearly-flat 60 degrees) touch screen. Naturally, the 620 is 3D capable and comes complete with a pair of stereoscopic glasses. If you wish to use the 620 as an HDTV, not a problem. The 620 comes with a built-in HDTV Tuner and a slot-load Blu-ray player. Just remember to grab an extra pair of glasses if multiple users want to watch in 3D together.

Crack open the 620 and you’ll find an Intel Core i5 2400 processor clocking in at 3.1 GHz. Throw in a 1.5 TB hard drive and 8 GB of system memory and the 620 is a pretty solid PC. For crisp, clean viewing the 620 also features an AMD Radeon HD 6650 with 1 GB of video memory. The gamer will be pleased to know the 620 will play your favorite games at relatively high visual settings with minimal performance issues. Add in seven USB 2.0 ports, a 6-in-1 memory card reader, headphone and mic ports, and a host of other features make the 620 look more and more like a great buy.

If much of the above sounded awfully familiar, it is because the 620 is essentially the TouchSmart 610, but with 3D and a better graphics card…and no HDMI. So if you already have a 610 and are happy with it, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to pick up a 620 unless you really want that 3D. For everyone else, keep an eye out November 15 for the 620.

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