Welcome to our New Site!

Patrick Nosker September 21, 2011 0
Welcome to our New Site!

It’s a big day today. This marks our three year anniversary and also the unveiling of our new layout. Welcome to the New pnosker.com!

We have moved towards a magazine style format so that we can continue to grow without making content hard to find. In addition, we now have the ability to properly expand to other areas such as cars, science, and more while having all of our content aggregate to the home page.

Some things that will come with the new website: A very good gallery system that will allow us to photoblog for certain events such as keynotes, a video management system to allow us to host some neat videos we make, a new easy to use commenting system courtesy of WordPress, and ability to redesign the site without having to take it all apart.

So, please join us in celebrating the new site. Get ready for more consistent coverage, lots of great stories and reviews, and prepare to be tuned in this holiday season for some of the most exciting technology of the year.

Finally, while the site is now at tech.pnosker.com, you don’t need to change your bookmarks. The old site addresses, pnosker.com and www.pnosker.com will still take you here! If you ever need to go back to the old site, visit it at http://www.pnosker.com/index.php

Now, let’s be a little nostalgic and look back on pnosker.com’s past.

The original pnosker.com logo, circa 2008





What you would have seen on September 20, 2011

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