Mozilla Launches Firefox 6

Michael Convente August 16, 2011 0

Mozilla officially released Firefox 6 this afternoon, coming only a short two months after its last full version upgrade, Firefox 5.  Interestingly, the improvements to Firefox 6 are not major, which leads to questions about why Firefox is calling this latest release a full version upgrade rather than an update to Firefox 5.  In any event, there are some cool new features that users will find useful.  The site identity block indicator image has been upgraded, allowing for easier detection of illegitimate sites.  The grouped tabs feature has also been upgraded, with several bugs fixed and performance speed increased.

The mobile version of Firefox has also been upgraded.  Firefox Sync – a feature that allows users to sync bookmarks, passwords, etc. between desktop and mobile versions of Firefox – is more prominently featured, as users will now be prompted to sync their saved bookmarks and passwords between their desktop and mobile devices.  Additionally, a new Android version of Firefox has been simultaneously launched, providing mobile users of the browser a cleaner layout.

Though the above upgrades are definitely beneficial for users, the most significant upgrades from Firefox 6 are meant for developers.  New and upgraded developer tools include Scratchpad, a real-time Javascript code testing module, and Web Console, which now includes an autocomplete feature.

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