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Patrick Nosker July 19, 2011 0

It's been an incredible last couple of years. We went from a tiny one-man show writing about iPhone accessories (me) to a well read technology site with a vast array of topics.

It's time to focus on the basics once again. We tried out expanding and it worked well, but it's simply too much for us. We decided to take a step back and focus on our roots: Technology news and reviews.

Gone is our coverage of video games. We will still cover some peripherals from time to time because of the overlap with technology, but if you're looking for video game news and opinion, please head on over to our former Video Game Editor Will Anderson's site,, for that. Along with the departure of video games, our longtime friend and writer Matthew Torino has decided to focus more on his legal studies and will no longer be with us. We would like to thank him for all of his great contributions, however hotly fiery his opinions were, and wish him luck for his pursuit of his JD.

We have a lot to share with you and are currently building up our coverage of PC hardware with our very first test rig partially sponsored by our friends at some of the best known companies (Details to be announced shortly! Stay tuned!).  Additionally, we have a lot in store for the near future and like last year, we will again be in full force for the 2012 CES– we are here to stay.

Over the past month or so, I've been traveling in Asia to visit with companies discussing future stories and reviews. Thankfully we have forged some new friendships which will help us show you what's new, tell you what we think, and hopefully help you learn more before you buy.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us! My email is and I would love to hear from you.

Finally, we have some exciting giveaways coming up. They will be structured so that your chances will be very high compared to similar giveaways. To stay informed, follow us on Twitter (@pnosker) and become a Fan on Facebook!

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