Google+ App For iPhone Now Available; Invites Available As Well

Michael Convente July 19, 2011 0

Though Google+ is still in beta format,  that hasn't stopped Google from releasing a Google+ app for iPhone.  Mashable is reporting that Google officially released its Google+ iPhone app this afternoon, and while this is welcome news for current Google+ users with an iPhone, the release is not without problems.  The Google+ iPhone app does not work at all with iOS 5 beta 3, and it has been crashing frequently on iPhones still running iOS 4.

Nevertheless, the release of a Google+ app for iPhone is a big change of pace for the Google, whose mobile apps have been quite limited for iPhone in the past (iPhone users who yearn to use GChat know what I'm talking about).  This makes a lot of sense considering that Google's Android OS is a direct competitior of the Apple's iOS.  However, since both Facebook and Twitter both have iPhone apps, in order to stake a claim in the iPhone user marketshare, Google had to make a Google+ app for iPhone.

Right now the app is pretty limited, though the same could be said for the web version of Google+, which is still in beta format.  As more features get added, I'm confident the iPhone app will be updated quickly.

Also, the app is not appearing in the mobile version of the App Store.  In order to get around this, a kind Mashable reader created a QR code that sends you to an official download link after scanning it.  The QR code is available here:  I used it to get Google+ on my iPhone.

As mentioned in a previous post on Google+, I have invites available.  All I request in return for sending one out to you is for you to follow the @pnosker and @mikeconvente Twitter accounts.  Then just send me a tweet with your email that you want me to invite you with, and I'll send you a Google+ invite.

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