itablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard Review

Matthew Torino July 2, 2011 0

Thumb keyboards are becoming more and more popular as items like Tablets, Smartphones and everything else with a touch screen takes over the marketplace. And we have a review of a pretty good one coming up after the jump. It's the itablet Bluetooth Thumb Keyboard!

The first thing you notice about this keyboard is the ergonomic design once you pick it up. It fits perfectly in your hand and is almost like a video game controller. It gives me the same feel as a PS3 controller. Everything's in the right place aside from the space bar, which is too far to the right. I honestly couldn't find it at first but after a second you'll know exactly where it is. 

No thumb stretching is involved at all. You can easily reach all of the buttons with no problem. It's ideal for iPhone users who are used to typing with their thumbs anyway. The thing isn't big enough to be able to type like a normal keyboard. It's not even close. It's about an eighth of the size of a normal one so aside from typing with your thumbs, there's no other way to do it. 

The setup is extremely simple. I didn't even have to read any directions. There's also no charging involved before you can use it; you just turn it on, hold down the Bluetooth button and pair it with your Bluetooth enabled device. It's that simple. I was ready to go within a minute of taking it out of the box. 

There's also a trackpad on the back of the device to act as a mouse. While it was rather hard to test with an iPod Touch which has no pointer, if you've got something like the XOOM or other devices, I've heard that it works great. 

So if you're looking for a nice little thumb keyboard with a very responsive keyboard that fits perfectly in your hand, this is it. While there are small flaws like the space bar and the weird positions of the shift keys, it's probably one of the best thumb keyboards out there. Highly recommended. 

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