Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock Review

Matthew Torino June 30, 2011 0

When you go in knowing that the dock you're reviewing costs almost $400 you know it had better be really really really good or it won't be worth it. After reviewing the less pricey Jawbone JAMBOX, the Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock had a lot to live up to. And after loving the JAMBOX, I now have to change my allegiance to the Audyssey Dock. It's that good. Read the full review after the jump.


After playing with this dock and the JAMBOX back to back, you really get an appreciation for these devices and stay away from entry level docks from iHome that cost about $20 but you probably guessed that. It's really not saying much. But while I loved the JAMBOX and wish I could keep it forever and ever, Audyssey's dock blows it away. And it's not even close. 

This is essentially a bigger and better version of Jawbone's product. While it's not as portable as it's easily 5X the size of the JAMBOX, there is more surface area emitting sound and less bass intruding on your music. While there certainly still is a lot (the thing dwarfs most other docks), the other musical elements still make the same appearances you'd normally expect of your songs. While sometimes on high quality audio devices music can be slightly distorted because of high bass or just a different twinge on your music but that's not the case here. 

It sounds exactly as it should…but just better. It's just better. Everything is in perfect balance no matter what volume setting you put the dock at. It's just perfect. And it better be for that price of $399 but it lives up to any expectations you have. It charges your iPod at the same time as any good dock should while also having a PS3-esque touch button for playing and pause. There's also a remote control included in the package to let you skip, play, pause or whatever from far away. 

There are also Bluetooth functions just as with the JAMBOX. The iPod or MP3 player doesn't actually have to be docked as you can just connect the two through Bluetooth and let the dock go to work from far away. It will take over the sound just as if it was docked. The only difference is that your player won't be charging but that's obviously expected. You can also take and make calls in pretty much the same fashion as you could with the JAMBOX except it's of a higher quality here just because the device itself is meant purely for high quality audio, not for portability. 

It's just a plug and play dock so there's basically no set up required. Plug it into an outlet, set up Bluetooth or dock a player and you'll be ready to go. 

This is by far the best audio dock I've ever played with and if you have the disposable income, you should run out and get, for my money and Audyssey's, the best audio dock on the market. Period. 

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