Mass Effect 3 Worse on PS3

Matthew Torino June 18, 2011 0

The Xbox 360 and PC versions of Mass Effect 3 will apparently have features not available on the upcoming PS3 version. While the opposite was true of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 since it came out a year later, Bioware and EA are apparently letting us know where their loyalties and economic priorities lie. And it's not with the lowest selling major console out of Sony. 

There will apparently be some sort of bonus for a player who has imported saves across all three games and since the initial edition didn't hit the PlayStation 3, that bonus probably won't be available. Mass Effect's Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, declared that there would "definitely" be a bonus for these players, making PS3 players suffer. So you're kind of screwed if your 360 got the Red Ring and you went to the PS3 version or PC. You need to have been on the same platform for all three games and that sucks. 

But PS3 gamers are used to getting screwed recently. At least this isn't as bad as having their credit card info stolen. 

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