Grand Theft Auto V Out Q4 2012 At Latest, Listed by US Retailers

Matthew Torino June 5, 2011 0

{jcomments on}Some potential news on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V is slowly leaking out ahead of the probable E3 2011 announcements from Rockstar. According to images on NeoGAF, United States retailers have begun selling the game ahead of its announcement at this week’s E3 conference in Los Angeles, California. Expect the game to be released with a year and a half at the most as it's "well into development."

This follows the rumors that the game will take place in present day Los Angeles with authentically named streets and landmarks immersing the gamer like never before. This has been done with New York, a more condensed city, but not the sprawled out Los Angeles. There should be a lot of area to explore as the game will be able to go on forever with such a horizontally sprawled environment.

Los Angeles, unlike NYC, expanded out wide instead of vertically, so you’ll probably have to take roads to get to more in the middle of nowhere areas. This was seen to some degree in San Andreas but present day Los Angeles will ratchet that up to another degree. The world will just seem bigger as you’ll have to travel to more far out locations and be able to see more landmarks on the way.

The game is expected to be released in Q4 2012 at the latest. 

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