Belkin Flip Folio Stand for Apple iPad 2 Review

Matthew Torino June 3, 2011 0

The Belkin Flip Folio Stand doesn’t look or operate that much differently from most other Apple iPad 2 cases or covers. It doesn’t have any flashy features like a built in Bluetooth keyboard or anything like that but what it does do is use the normal, expected features and refines them. Read our full review after the jump!


Like most other iPad 2 cases, the Flip Folio Stand changes from a normal, flat cover into an iPad 2 stand. That’s nothing new. They both function as you’d expect; nothing groundbreaking. It doesn’t have the artistry of Oberon or the protection of Otterbox but what it does have is the aforementioned refined features.

The biggest and pretty much only notable difference is the traction that the case provides. It’s not made of leather like most cases but more of a silicone material like Otterbox. But unlike that one, there are pinholes or maybe a little larger punched into the outer shell. There’s still no room for anything to permeate the inside of the case but the traction that they create will stop the case from unexpectedly slipping or sliding off a surface.

Your iPad 2 while in this case won’t be going anywhere. This case ain’t moving. If a surface is exceptionally wet then yeah it’s gonna slide but that’s true of anything. On a normal surface, it genuinely takes effort to push this case along. You basically have to lift or use brute strength to slide it.

There won’t be any accidents or slides when this case is placed; nothing’s moving. There is very good protection with this outside material as well. It doesn’t have the dual material of Otterbox but what it does have is a similar outside material and protection in that sense.

This isn’t the flashiest case, but its outside traction makes this a unique case with a unique material that provides one of the most unique and innovating approaches to protecting your iPad 2. 

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