Judgment Day May 21st, 2011: What if Harold Camping is Right?

Matthew Torino May 21, 2011 0

So tomorrow’s the end of the world according to Harold Camping. He’s been preaching it and all over the Internet and mainstream media you see people eating it up. People from Adam Schefter of ESPN to Roger Ebert have been focused on this day. It’s been coming for a while and tomorrow we could very well meet Jesus Christ. Most don’t believe Camping that tomorrow is Judgment Day, but what if he’s right?


I guess the Rapture has to take place at some point if it’s going to. The world can’t just go on forever, can it? I don’t think so. Maybe it’ll end with Jesus coming down and doing Jesus things. Maybe Harold Camping IS Jesus and he’s trying to warn us. Though he also said the Rapture would take place in 1994. Whoops.

Maybe it’ll turn into Independence Day tomorrow except the aliens will win. After all, Bill Pullman isn’t our president and I ASSUME Russell Case doesn’t actually exist. /hopes he does

Maybe all the believers are just going to ascend up to heaven if this thing goes down tomorrow. Maybe we’ll all be better for it.

But just floating around the Internet today, you can clearly see that people are scared. Most of the literature and mentions of the possible event are just jokes but they say every joke contains a certain amount of truth. In the back of their minds they don’t want to be seen as nonbelievers by Jesus or God or Colonel Sanders or whoever comes down. It won’t look good.

Some people are saying that Camping is full of it and yeah he probably is. But in a week where Winnipeg will probably get a hockey team, pnosker.com gets a ton of hits and the Macho Man is in a car accident, something weird’s got to be going on. These aren’t normal things.

Maybe all those History Channel shows about the end of the world were really onto something. MAYBE CAMPING PRODUCED THEM! ZOGM RED TIDE LOOKS LIKE BLOOD IT’S THE SIXTH SEAL!!!!

Maybe all of this is actually going down tomorrow and Camping really knew more than us and shoots craps with God in Vegas every weekend and got Him drunk and got Him to tell Camping when the world was ending.

Maybe Harold Camping is right. Maybe.

On second thought: Naaaaaaaaaaah.

On third, if he is, don’t tell God I doubted his prophets. 

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