May 21st Doomsday: Harold Camping is a Fraud

Matthew Torino May 17, 2011 0

So you may be looking to May 21st, 2011 as the rapture according to Christian radio host Howard Camping. But according to him the world isn’t actually ending on May 21st. That’s a convenient little out. That won’t happen until October 21st, 2011. So even he knows it isn’t happening.


Judgment Day isn’t going to happen this weekend or any time soon if ever. Jesus isn’t coming down out of those clouds to save the oppressive peoples out there who believe that they’re right. If Camping really believed this, he wouldn’t be spouting this garbage on an isolated radio station that about three people above the Mason-Dixon Line listened to prior to his rapture scoop.

He’s just trying to get an audience. This isn’t going to happen. He’s be touring churches throughout the country free of charge trying to get who he believed would be saved ready for the rapture. He would’ve given up this life as a hack radio host and lived life to its fullest. By spreading the word of God, Camping means getting enough people to listen consistently to get a high paycheck.

That’s why he’s said the actual end of the world will not come until October 21st. That way if nothing happens this weekend, he’ll come up with some other doomsday scenario where either nobody was saved or it would just be delayed. If October 21st passes and nothing happens, then he’s got a problem but by that time, he probably will have gained a much larger audience and gotten a fat new paycheck.

Priests breaking news of the rapture has happened tons of times now and how many raptures have we had? One guy is spitting nonsense and it ascends to the top of Internet trends and captures peoples’ imaginations? Why? Do they actually believe this? No they just want to make more money and they do that by getting higher ratings and people will surely be listening to his last broadcast before the rapture.

Harold Camping is a fraud. Every right thinking rational human being knows this. The world isn’t coming to an end this Saturday. It’s just beginning. We should go live our lives because we can, not because Harold Camping is a blowhard moron.

So please, everyone: Internet, people on the streets, and everyone else: be quiet. Nothing is happening this Saturday of any world-ending interest. Please be quiet Camping. At least you gonna get your money thanks to the morons that take you seriously.

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