Sony PSN Back Online for PS3, PSP; Plagued by Service Overloads

Matthew Torino May 16, 2011 0

The servers for the PSN have now been overloaded after the service was finally online again today. It's being established region by region with North American being nearly fully in service as of yesterday. But when Sony takes a step ahead, they take another back as the service simply wasn't ready for this amount of usage. But at least the PSN is back up even if you have to wait a little longer.



After the PSN went back up earlier today, there has been rampant usage as online gaming is now enabled and everyone in creation is trying to get back on the server and modify their settings, play their games and what have you. It's been a month since the service was last seen and people were itching to play. Hopefully this doesn't blow up in Sony's face and the server will completely go down again. Hopefully though I wouldn't expect anything less from them.

Phase one is in effect now where online gaming has once again been enabled in these regions. You can finally go and play Black Ops or MLB 11: The Show or whatever other game you’re still playing around with. Roster updates and DLC should be back. However the latter may have to wait until phase 2 when the PS Store is officially back online. That’s what you’ll be able to receive your welcome gifts such as 30 free days of PSN Plus, select free PlayStation downloads depending on your region and 30 days of free music for Qrocity users.

You’ll have to change your password upon first logging in. Thanks.

European PSN users should expect their network to be up fairly soon if it isn’t already. It was supposed to be by the end of the day.

PSN’s service has been spotty at best throughout the day with many users still being shut out and stopped from resetting passwords but hopefully it’ll all be fixed soon. Hopefully users can finally, thanks to Sony finally doing something right, get their online gaming back. They lost it out of gross negligence by PlayStation’s parent company and now hopefully they’ll get it back.


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