Anonymous Fires Back Against Sony May 8, 2011 0

In the latest act of what has become a soap opera for the ages Anonymous has yet again fired back against the assertions that it is responsible for the latest attack which brought down the PSN.  In a press release titled "SONY I AM DISAPPOINT", the amorphous hacker group debunked a number of the pieces of evidence used to pin the blame on them for the network outage, and proposed a new theory for why they're being singled out.

In the press release, which was apparentlly sparked by a Financial Times Article titled "Hackers point fingers over Sony incursion", the press release issuers note that the Joseph Menn, the piece's author, misrepresents the origins of Anonymous itself.  Far more importantly though, they note that following OpSony, the attack which first brought down the PSN, all discussion of Sony was disallowed from Anonymous IIRC chat rooms.

Unsurprisingly, the "hive mind effort" proposes a theory for why they have been targeted: to deflect blame from Sony not being PCI compliant (a credit card security standard), and their alleged overcharging of customers. 

It's interesting to see that Anonymous is so willing to defend their reputation, especially amongst the consumers.  Given these allegations and some of the information which came to light during the congressional hearings, it seems that Sony is being painted into quite the corner thanks to some of their actions. We'll keep you posted as this story develops further

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