More Sony Attacks Incoming? May 6, 2011 0

It doesn't seem like Sony can catch a break these days.  Just as they announced that they are undertaking the commendable move of covering any identity theft charges associated with second round of hacking, it looks like they may be in for yet another battle.


In news that broke on CNet, an unnamed observer stated that still more hackers are planning on attacking the PSN sometime over the weekend, and will publish any information they find as a result of their attack.  Furthermore, the group also claimed that they already have access to one of Sony's servers, which wouldn't bode well for the security measures which were just put in place.  Given that much of this is shrouded in mystery, we're putting our money on the attack not succeeding; nonetheless, it's another scene in the fascinating drama that has been unfolding.


Also, it's worth noting that the name "Anonymous" was mentioned nowhere in the CNet Report.


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