With Osama Bin Laden Dead, Rush Limbaugh Praises President Obama

Matthew Torino May 2, 2011 0

An interesting video has been making the rounds today on the Internet. Now anybody in tune to politics knows that Rush Limbaugh can rightly be described as anything from conservative to racist but he actually came off decently today. He praised Barack Obama. Yup he said, “Thank God for President Obama.”

With “Osama Bin Laden Dead” reigning as the number one trend on all of the Internet for nearly the past 24 hours, it came as a surprise to many that the leading conservative radio pundit would praise our President but people the world over have been shocked by this through the video being sent all around the Internet. From emails to tweets to links, everyone is looking at Rush Limbaugh praising our President. While his comments may come off as sarcastic, get ready for this one to be played for a while.

Link to Limbaugh video

It's especially ironic in that this may spell the end of the Republican Party's chances at the Presidency in 2012 as Obama's approval rating could go through the roof.

It’s likely that Bin Laden’s death will be the number one topic of the Internet for a while and rightly so. There hasn’t been quite the unifying event in our country in a long time and we finally got him. So Go America! Many articles today online, even sports ones, are including talk of Bin Laden and praise of President Obama.

It truly is a strange day on the Internet. Sites are filling their space with useless news; something extraordinary has happened and it’s taken over the Internet with no end in sight.

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