Royal Wedding Coverage is Overblown

Matthew Torino April 29, 2011 0

Everything is way too focused on the Royal Wedding right now. The coverage by outlets like CBS News, ABC and NBC is off the charts ridiculous. They’re analyzing Kate Middleton’s dress, talking about the crazy hats and how beautiful everyone looks. Except here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter at all.


Technology has helped make the Royal Wedding one of the most talked about events of recent memory. You can just follow along on Twitter without watching a second of it and know what’s going on. You can get visuals on what Kate’s dress and the crazy hats look like. But does America really care?

No they don’t. England and the United Kingdom shouldn’t even care. These are just a bunch of inbred rich people who decide to indulge and spend lavish amounts of money on useless things like this. Sure this guy may eventually be King or something I don’t know but do I care? No. What impact on world policy does Elizabeth have? Oh right none.

Technology has made it even more infuriating as you can go stream the Royal Wedding while also following Twitter while also going on Facebook and seeing real time feedback on Kate’s dress and every other move they make. It’s infuriating. There are few things I could care less about.
Thankfully I’m currently distracted by the NFL Draft, NHL Playoffs and this site to have it fully take over but if I was really bored and Twitter was my livelihood, I would not be happy right now.

Nobody cares about the Royal Wedding. And if they do, they shouldn’t. The big news outlets are covering this like it’s actually newsworthy. It’s not. William and Kate are just a couple of rich people getting married.


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