Wii is Gone, Wii 2 to Have a High Price

Patrick Nosker April 26, 2011 0

Nintendo announced that the Wii's successor will be among us in 2012. That of course means the Wii will soon be gone. With Nintendo's sales dropping by 2/3 compared to last year, it's time for their next big thing.

The company has stated that the Wii 2 will be playable at E3, the video game expo in June. Of course, the Wii was the pioneer of motion sensing technology, but with the Kinect there is not much more room for advancement. Rumors include touchscreen capability and more. Additionally, graphics will be much stronger than the outdated Wii. Instead of shoddy 480p resolutions, the Wii 2 should support at least 1080p. 

Rumored to be included are three cores and a very powerful AMD graphics chip. This will allow for high powered graphics and potentially 3D images. The size should be similar to the Xbox 360. 

Rather than the current Wii stick form factor, the new controllers will be more conventional and similar to the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. This is boring, however a 6" LCD may be present as well of course with multitouch. Does this mean the controller can be like a Gameboy too? Yes. Maybe Nintendo will figure out how to allow Madden like games with play calling to support choosing on the controller to prevent other players from screen looking. Or maybe placing a mini map in a shooter game on the controller screen. 

All of these rumored advancements aren't cheap. Expect the price to fall between $350 and $500. Would having a better Wii be worth that to you? Comment below!

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