420 and the Internet: A Perfect Marriage

Matthew Torino April 19, 2011 0

While some view April 20th as Hitler’s birthday, just an ordinary day or whatever personally makes it special to them, 420 has come to symbolize something more: National Marijuana Day. And thanks to the Internet making us all come closer together, 420 has transformed from a niche day that few had heard of into an institution.


When you’re isolated in your own little world, April 20th just seems like any other day. Everybody goes to work normally, spends their downtime normally and nothing seems amiss. But prior to the Internet, if you knew the right people, it was one of the biggest holidays of the year. People dropped what they were doing and just smoked week all day. 420=National Marijuana Day. But you had to know the right people or you’d never hear a thing about it. It was essentially kept on the down low because being in possession of an illegal substance isn’t exactly something you want to be known for.

But thanks to the Internet, we can clearly see that this holiday of sorts has grown exponentially. 420 is already trending on Google and that’s likely to continue all through the next few days. People are looking on the Internet, where pretty much every segment of society save child molesters and rapists has found a home, for recipes for edibles, how to make Green Dragon as well as new and interesting ways to smoke on this day.

Pot heads and burnouts finally have their day where their way of life is not only acceptable but embraced. The more civilized among us may not partake in this holiday and may put our noses up at these people that have finally found their meeting and calling through the Internet but I think in a way, the rest of us are jealous. While events like Rutgersfest (which has been canceled by Tricky Dick McCormick due to multiple shootings), and other regional events promote drinking from sunrise to sunset, they’re all regional. There’s no national drinking day.

Pretty much the only day that promotes substances like this that are strictly for people to enjoy is 420. Most other holidays are nationally recognized but this is the only underground holiday that’s essentially gone viral. Before you had to know the right people but now thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Google and just the Internet in general, 420 has become almost expected if not socially acceptable for people to indulge once a year.

By no means are we at pnosker.com promoting use of illegal substances whether they are marijuana, Space, Buddha Buds (which is still legal somehow) or anything worse. You should stay away from them at all costs in my opinion.

But thanks to the Internet, society may not be seeing it that way. At least for one day a year. Hello, April 20th 2011.


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