Michael Vick on the Cover of Madden NFL 12 is Disgusting

Matthew Torino April 18, 2011 0

In case you haven’t heard, Michael Vick and Peyton Hillis are the two finalists for the Madden 12 cover. Hillis upset favorite Aaron Rodgers while Vick has been steamrolling the field en route to being one vote away from securing his second Madden cover. EA Sports would have to be clinically insane to allow this to happen.

 I don’t inherently have a problem with somebody being on the cover of multiple games of a franchise. Joe Mauer has been on back to back MLB: The Show covers and John Madden himself graced more than a decade of covers for his namesake series. But with Vick’s disgusting transgressions, people within EA Sports should be fired if he’s chosen to be on the cover.

Michael Vick, in case you didn’t know, is a convicted dog fighter, a felon, and EA Sports is this close to putting him back on their game just a couple of years removed from him being an inmate at Leavenworth. There’s a problem there.

Vick is one of the most disgusting athletes today and actions like this make it even worse. I know people love to give second chances in this society but the fact of the matter is that this man took living creatures and made them fight to the death. He’s supposed to be a role model and now possible pitchman and he’s chiefly known in Middle America for killing dogs. Somebody should be fired.
Sure the people have spoken and have put him through this far but there’s no reason he should’ve even been in the voting bracket to begin with. If you need an Eagles representative, choose DeSean Jackson or Trent Cole, people who aren’t convicts who killed living things so them and their friends could gamble.

Michael Vick can’t satisfy his sick gambling penchant without killing animals and was then rightfully crucified by the public. But then he serves his time, gets fraudulent Tony Dungy on his side and suddenly everything’s okay just because he can shred the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. And now he’s probably going to be the cover boy for the sole football series that represents the NFL on consoles. What is going on here? What did I miss?

How did Michael Vick become marketable? HE KILLED INNOCENT ANIMALS BECAUSE HE’S SICK.

Many people love dogs more than people as they’ll always be loyal to you and never turn their back on their owners. That’s a quality people love in each other and then take advantage of in animals. Michael Vick took a creature that’s loyal no matter what and made it kill other dogs for his sick pleasure. The man is a disgusting human being and shouldn’t be marketed to anybody except child molesters, rapists and murderers, the only people he’s better than and even that’s up for debate.

I’ve never been interested in who the cover athlete of a game is for determining whether I would buy a game but if there was another option out there, I’d buy it even if it was inferior just because this disgusting person with horrible habits who has bordered on sociopathic tendencies and then blamed it on the culture is on the cover of my beloved franchise.

This could be the final nail in the coffin for Madden. Its quality has been in steady decline over the last few years and especially since they secured the exclusive license from the NFL and wrested it from ESPN NFL 2K5 and this may finally turn people away.

Millions of little kids out there love dogs more than life itself and then do you think their parents would willingly buy this game featuring a dog murderer on the cover? What is EA thinking by even allowing this to be a possibility?

If he ends up on the cover I know that there will be movements to boycott Madden and I may start them myself. I’ve been playing the series since 1993 and have never considered not buying the game no matter the quality or exclusive license or anything. I’ve even relentlessly stuck by this game when everyone else jumped on the 2K bandwagon six years ago. But this could be it.

I love dogs and have two dogs and two guinea pigs and couldn’t fathom not feeling disgusting and used if I brought that copy of Madden into my home with Vick plastered all over it. Even if I took out the cover, he’d still be all over the game in its loadings screens, ads and whatever else you can think of.

It comes down to this: I love animals more than Madden and if he ends up on the cover I don’t know what I’m going to do.

But it never should’ve come to this, EA Sports. He shouldn’t have been in the bracket and shouldn’t have even been considered. Peyton Hillis isn’t the star that Vick is and won’t sell copies himself, but he won’t turn away people either.

Please make sure that Hillis wins EA. I know many people don’t think corporations don’t have a soul. I’ve never believed that. I know people make up these places. But I might start to believe them if Michael Vick somehow ends up on the cover of Madden NFL 12.

EA Sports, you should be ashamed.

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