7 Games To Play On Windows Phone 7

Will Anderson April 11, 2011 0

Whether you’re sitting on the bus or subway heading into work, or just sitting around waiting for your cell phone provider to release the long overdue copy/paste update to your Windows Phone 7, there are tons of apps and games for you to keep occupied.  Over 12,000 apps have hit the Windows Phone Marketplace to date with more on the way. 

So what will you spend your hard earned money on?  Here are a few suggestions.


Fable Coin Golf – Even if you’re not a fan of the Fable franchise, Fable Coin Golf still provides gamers with a fun and addictive distraction.  Guide your Hero Puck through 45 levels of increasing difficulty, collecting coins, building bridges, smashing through forests and mowing down bad guys.  And if you are a fan of Fable III, those gold coins you collect will be deposited in your treasury back in Albion as an added bonus.

Unlockable items are also available for completing certain achievements in Fable Coin Golf as well.  These unlockables will show up as gifts in your Sanctuary in Fable III.

Need For Speed: Undercover – Jump in the seat of your favorite ride and go undercover to race your way through 24 missions to take out a crime syndicate dealing in stolen cars.  While the lack of a way to control the acceleration can be somewhat annoying for more experienced players, the simple controls make it easy for anyone to pick up and play.   A good solid story will keep you engaged, and the graphics are fantastic.  This game is a  must have for the race fan on the go.

Full House Poker – Feel the urge to play a couple hands of Texas Hold ‘Em?  Then Full House Poker is the game for you.  A portable version of the Xbox Live Arcade game, you have the same ability to customize your table and cards as the console version.  You can take part in tournaments and pro takedown challenges as well to help you improve your game on the go.  Unlock new outfits for your avatar and share your winnings with the console version.

Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles – Originally released for the Nintendo DS, this game has become popular with the mobile phone platforms.  This release from Gameloft is part platformer, part action game and packs a heck of a punch.  The on screen d-pad and controls work exceptionally well for a great game play experience. 

The story expands on the adventures of the series' first protagonist Altair as he embarks on a quest to find the Chalice.  A powerful relic that could determine the outcome of the third Crusade.  Guide Altair through familiar cities such at Damascus, Tyre, and Acre and destroy the Chalice before it lands in the hands of the Templars!

Star Wars: Battle For Hoth – A tower defense game set in the Star Wars universe!  Defend Hoth from attack while the rebels make their escape.  Featuring familiar troop assets such as Ion Cannons, Snowspeeders, X-wings and more, you'll defend Hoth Base through 15 action packed levels against AT-ATs, Tie Fighters, Probe Droids and many more!

This game features a slick drag and drop interface for deploying your troops in real time and allows you to level them up quickly by simply tapping on them to open up a menu.  This game is very entertaining and a much needed distraction for the avid Star Wars fan.

Glyder – A game similar in feel to the classic, Pilotwings.  Glide through six unique worlds and many different obstacle courses to collect gems and help Eryn make it back to her own world.  This game features many unlockable outfits and wings to customize your character.  Utilizing the phone’s tilt sensing controls, it makes for a very smooth interface and an enjoyable game overall.

The Harvest – An Action RPG game that takes you into the distant future where aliens are invading the planet and harvesting humans to create an army of cyborgs.  Beautiful 3D graphics and an intuitive touch interface make this an enjoyable game.  Hop in your mech and save the human race from The Harvest!

So there’s your quick fix that’ll keep you busy for a while when you’re away from your 360.  And to sweeten the pot, these seven games will grant you up to an additional 1400 gamer score to display on your Xbox Live Account.  New games are hitting the XBL Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 on a weekly basis, but these are a good way to get started towards bolstering your 'Cheevos on the road.

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