[April Fools] Sleek Audio CT20 Review

Patrick Nosker April 1, 2011 0

This is the article I have been the most eager to post, ever. Suffering through the non-disclosure agreement Sleek Audio had me abide by was depressing. I am happy to share with you the review of the most fantastic sounding headphones, ever.

That's right, Sleek Audio did it. Blowing out JH Audio's 8 driver solution and Ultimate Ears 6 driver custom IEM, Sleek Audio stuffed 20 drivers in their new custom in-ear monitor. The real question is: Do 20 drivers really improve the sound?

The answer is a RESOUNDING YES. And it's capitolized not only because they sound fantastic, but rather because they can get so loud your ear drums literally start to bleed. Boasting a 20-30 khz tweeter, 2 15-25 khz tweeters, 3 mid range drivers, 5 low-mid drivers, 3 low drivers with 2 supervisory drivers, and 3 10-25 hz subwoofers with the final aphrodesiac super-woofer, these things pack a serious wollop!

One major caveat is the price: over $4000. Rumor is that Fifty Cent played a role in the design of these custom IEM in addition to the Sleek by 50 Headphones as evidenced in the "Bling Coil" for ultimate bass response at the top of the driver. Interestingly, the price of the optional silver braided cable is an extra $0.50.

But it is so worth it. If you can get past the repeated expenses of getting your hearing tested, wiping blood off your neck, and the initial price, you will be astounded. Never before has an in-ear monitor caused nausea. The CT20 can do that, and so much more. 40 drivers pumping into your ear at once allow you to pick apart every single instrument in an orchestra, from the concertmaster to the 3rd trumpet.

Sleek advertises their wireless hybrid system as compatible, but with my experience it was not loud enough unless hooked up to a lawnmower battery. The 20 drivers in each unit really eat up power.

[Sleek Audio CT20] – $4999.50 (For silver braided cable + CT20)

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