McAfee Not Good at Securing Own Website

Matthew Torino March 28, 2011 0

According to a Full Disclosure story, McAfee, the company many of you have out there as an alternative to Norton Security to protect your computers, can't protect its own website. Full Disclosure lists all the vulnerabilities of their website in their original story. The YGN Ethical Hacker group apparently located the errors and vulnerabilities, not McAfee themselves adding to the embarrassment, and notified the company before fellow hackers were notified. 

This isn't exactly good publicity for a company that prides itself on protecting computers and websites. They apparently, according to the story, aggressively market to their customers that the McAfee Secure service has located no potential problems on their own site, which apparently isn't the case. So the question is: would you trust the McAfee services to protect your home computer when they aren't even able to protect their own website? This could potentially lead to a big hit for the McAfee market share as Norton is not known to have similar problems and can hard on McAfee's in their marketing strategy. This is not good for the company, if you couldn't already figure that out. 

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