The Internet and Gambling

Patrick Nosker March 3, 2011 0

I have a good friend who went to Rutgers and it seemed like he never had money issues. I could never figure out why this was– he didn't have a job and his parents didn't give him much money. I one day asked him what he does in his free time and he said he went to Atlantic City often and played poker and blackjack.

This all made no sense to me until I realized that he brought his laptop to class to play online poker. Somehow, he often made over $1000 in a day and rarely lost more than a few hundred when he didn't win. Instead of the old fasioned idea of a college-aged student working to earn his money, he was making it online by gambling.

I wanted to make some money too, so I tried out Pokerstars. Unfortunately, I was too afraid to lose much so I only deposited $100.  Then I played a few games bouncing back and forth from $90 to $110 and cashed out at $110 thinking that a 10% profit was pretty good. I guess I'm not really the type of person to be doing this anyway and left the online gaming world forever.

You aren't only restricted to Poker anymore however.  You can now play pretty much any casino game at a casino online.  It's pretty neat how some people can make so much money doing this. It's sad too how you can now lose money at your own home. Still, the internet has changed the world in some interesting ways. Maybe it's partially responsible for the decline of Atlantic City and Las Vegas over the past decade.

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